Rosary LED Lamp - White

Rosary LED Lamp - White

The Rosary necklace is the inspiration for this lamp design. Traditionally each bead in a rosary represents one word in a prayer. The beads illustrate the event of things and how you have to move step by step to reach your final goal.
The Rosary Lamp is a sustainable light; the LED solution makes the lamp use much less energy, all coatings are water based and the lamp is designed for disassembly which allows the material to be easily separated when the lamp is headed for recycling.

Shade Dimension 15cm (bottom diameter), 19.5cm (height)
Cord Length 370cm

Tech Info:
LED Light Source (included), with built in switch, Class III (please note that the light source is built in and will
last for an approximate of 15 years if you have the lamp lit for 8 hours per day)
Colour Temperature 2800K (warm light) or 4500K (day light)
Beam Angle 120 degree
Power 9x0.5w
Current 12V 350mA
Voltage Available for most markets (95~240V)
Warranty 2 years
Weight: 2.27 kg

Wood Beads
Lampshade Recycled Aluminium
All Paints Non Toxic, Water based
Boris Tag Recycled Aluminium

Available Colours:
Black (Matte)
Wood + White Shade (Matte)
Wood + Wood Shade (Matte)
8350 HKD