Omikuji Wool Carpet/Tapestry

Omikuji Wool Carpet/Tapestry

The Omikuji* Carpet is inspired by the japanese (Shinto) prayer notes called Omikujis. For the Omikuji carpet our aim is to use as much scrap felt from production lines already at the factory. Material that otherwise would end up in the bin. The carpet is handtied and the material is a Polyester/Wool mix which makes a a durable carpet.

*Omikujis are small paper notes on which you write
down your personal wishes and prayers. The paper note
is then folded and tied onto a string. Inspired by the
process of collecting prayers we created a carpet in felt
by tying 1764 wishes together.

Size: 150 x 150 cm
Material: Wool and Polyester mix
Boris Tag: 100% cotton
Coloring: Grey or Multicoloured
Weight: 8 kg
Thickness: ~1.5cm

NOTE: Lead time approx. 8 weeks

29500 HKD