M-Size Foldable Grandma Shade + Single Cord Set

M-Size Foldable Grandma Shade + Single Cord Set

Hildur (M-Size) is a well-endowed Grandma from the North.
A classic curvy shade with a lot of character that really makes a room.

These shades fold flat! The nostalgic Shapes with an unlimited amount of possibilities in terms of materials, colours and patterns.
The lamp shades are named after our grandmothers Brita, Hildur & Anna Barbara.

Lamp Shades takes A LOT of air space when you transport them. What if you could send them in an envelope instead of in a container?

The cord set fits all 3 sizes of the Grandma Shades. The lamp holder is size E27 and recommended light source is Max 11W. Consists of a Ceiling Cup, Textile cord, Lamp Cover and Lamp Holder.

NOTE: Set also includes the Grandma Shades Cord Set!

Material: Felt

Weight: 0.0750 kg

Size: Shade = 25cm (bottom diameter) x 26 cm (h). Cord lenght 180cm

Made In China

The Shade comes with a Single Cordset! Please choose your colour when placing your order. The colour options for the cords available are: Zig Zag, Black, Light Grey, Red and Orange. All cords are textile covered.

600 HKD