L-Size Foldable Grandma Shade + Single Cord Set

L-Size Foldable Grandma Shade + Single Cord Set

Anna Barbara (L-Size) is a flamboyant Grandma from the East. A voluptuous shade that knows how to become a good center piece. Fits well over a dining table.

These shades fold flat! The nostalgic Shapes with an unlimited amount of possibilities in terms of materials, colours and patterns.
The lamp shades are named after our grandmothers Brita, Hildur & Anna Barbara.

Lamp Shades takes A LOT of air space when you transport them. What if you could send them in an envelope instead of in a container?

The cord set fits all 3 sizes of the Grandma Shades. The lamp holder is size E27 and recommended light source is Max 11W. Consists of a Ceiling Cup, Textile cord, Lamp Cover and Lamp Holder.

NOTE: Set also order the Grandma Shades Cord Set!

Material: Felt

Weight: 0.1300 kg

Size: Shade = 42cm (bottom diameter) x 36 cm (h). Cord lenght 180cm

Made In China

The Shade comes with a Single Cordset! Please choose your colour when placing your order. The colour options for the cords available are: Zig Zag, Black, Light Grey, Red and Orange. All cords are textile covered.
720 HKD