Hipster Shade no.1 + Single Cordset

Hipster Shade no.1 + Single Cordset

Based on the clever folding solution of the Grandmas we created the Hipster Collection. Just as their predecessors these Hipsters can be folded completely flat due to their smart pattern construction and by this the take minimum space during transportation.

The idea behind the collection was that we wanted to create smart voluminous shades that could be transported without wasting space and by that saving both energy and resources.

By using felt as the main material for the shade we also eliminated several step in the production. As the material does not need any edge treatments or stabilisation coatings, the material works just as it is. After cutting and stamping out the pattern sections they are simply stitched together by hand and then we have a ready shade!

The Hipsters comes in three sizes Hipster 1, Hipster 2 and Hipster 3. All of them fits the E27 socket. As the light source we recommend to use a LED bulb to keep it on the sustainable track.

Dimensions Hipster no.3 (Small): 25cm (widest diameter) x 17cm (h). Cord length 180cm.

The Shade comes with a Single Cordset! Please choose your colour when placing your order. The colour options for the cords available are: Zig Zag, Black, Light Grey or Red. All cords are textile covered.

720 HKD