Grandma TRIO: Limited Edition Green

Grandma TRIO: Limited Edition Green

This is a Limited Edition Trio of the Grandma Shades!

The Grandma Series is a set of three foldable lampshades in felt. The nostalgic shapes are inspired by our Grandmothers and their time. The shades can either be hanged separately or in a cluster of three. Please meet Brita, Hildur & Anna Barbara.

Brita (S-Size) is an elegant Grandma from the South.
A timeless stylish shade that fits in anywhere without stealing too much attention.

Hildur (M-Size) is a well-endowed Grandma from the North.
A classic curvy shade with a lot of character that really makes a room.

Anna Barbara (L-Size) is a flamboyant Grandma from the East. A voluptuous shade that knows how to become a good center piece. Fits well over a dining table.

The Grandmas speaks from experience: Lampshades tends to take a lot of space when transported which is straining for the environment. The Grandma Shades are designed to fold flat and don’t need a container to travel, an envelope will do just as fine!

The Shades comes with a Single Cordsets! Please choose your colour when placing your order. The colour options for the cords available are: Zig Zag, Black, Light Grey, Red and Orange. All cords are textile covered.
1700 HKD