Clear Birdie Carafe + 2 Tumblers

Clear Birdie Carafe + 2 Tumblers

Buy the Birdie Carafe and two Tumblers in a set!

This design is inspired by birds! The uneven base of the
tumblers makes the glass wobble on the table. The Birdie
Carafe is made of beautiful borosilicate glass which is
stronger than conventional glass. You can use the carafe and glasses for both cool drinks such as white wine or water and for hot drinks such as hot wine (glögg) or hot tea.

Borosilicate Glass (Dishwasher Proof)
Wood Bead as Lid (Hand wash)

Note: To make your Birdie Carafe look at its best you can use olive oil on the lid to make it more shiny.

We have 2 variations of the birdie - Clear or with a Feather pattern! Please make sure you choose the right when placing the order.
650 HKD